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Jason Lee Suggests Nicki Minaj May Be Worried About Karen Civil Case


He claims the rapper requested a call with herself and Civil, adding Minaj may be worried about his legal case against Civil as they “follow the money.”

We’re still in the thick of Karen Civil’s drama and Jason Lee isn’t letting his foot off of her neck. Years ago, Lee’s platform Hollywood Unlocked mysteriously disappeared from Instagram and he later learned that Civil reportedly paid a teen to hack his site. It was all over an unfavorable post about Civil, and in a recent Clubhouse chat room, the media marketing maven admitted to being responsible for the hack. The teen claimed that she agreed to pay him $20K, but Civil denies the allegation.

Feeling vindicated, Lee has been sharing his story to anyone who will listen now that he has reportedly sought legal action against Civil. We previously reported On Jason Lee’s explosive interview with The Breakfast Club where he spoke about learning of Civil’s hacking deal, but he also mentioned that Nicki Minaj allegedly tried to step in to cool things down.

Karen CivilJerritt Clark / Getty Images

According to Lee, someone reached out to his team to let him know that there was a person who wanted to speak with him. He claimed that he later learned it was Minaj, to his surprise.

“He said, Nicki Minaj would like to speak to you. What? Nicki Minaj?! After four years of fighting, dropping stories on her…I mean, she currently got served for the husband who raped that girl, she canceled the VMAs because she wasn’t ready to do her performance, even though she blamed it on COVID and didn’t get the Video Vanguard Award as a result of that, I don’t even know if we dropped that story.”

“She has all these issues with me and she wants to talk about Karen Civil,” he continued, adding that Minaj wanted to speak with him with Civil on the phone. Lee did not want any part of it and told the rapper’s representative that Minaj could speak with him alone, but she allegedly did not agree to that. “The call didn’t happen,” said Lee.

“The reason why I think Nicki is trying to call now and intervene is because when we pursue Karen the way that we’re getting ready to, you gotta go through a process called discovery. Where’s the $20,000 come from? How’d you file that on your taxes? Did he file on his taxes? He’s a minor. Did you have a contract with his parents? Did you get permission? I wanna follow the money. I wanna follow the text messages, the emails. Who’s behind it?”

Lee believes that there is much more that will be uncovered in his legal dealings with Civil, but only time will tell. If you haven’t already, watch Jason Lee on The Breakfast Club below.


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