JaVale McGee Predicts How Klay Thompson Will Play Upon Return

JaVale McGee Predicts How Klay Thompson Will Play Upon Return

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JaVale McGee is confident in what Klay Thompson can do.

When JaVale McGee got to play for the Golden State Warriors, he witnessed firsthand just how good of a player Klay Thompson is. The Warriors sharpshooter is already one of the best perimeter scorers to ever play the game of basketball, although unfortunately, he has been going through a plethora of injuries over the last few years. From ACL injuries to Achilles’ tears, Thompson has been through a lot, and fans are eager to see him back on the court.

This season, Thompson is expected to be back and if you’ve seen his recent workouts, then you know that he looks pretty good. Thompson can shoot from anywhere, and his former teammate McGree is confident that he will have an amazing season. While speaking to Shannon Sharpe on “Club Shay Shay,” Mcgee explained exactly why Thompson shouldn’t have any problems finding his rhythm again.

Klay Thompson & JaVale McGee

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“I expect the old Klay [Thompson] to tell the truth,” McGee said per Essentially Sports. “The only thing I see will maybe be slacking in that first month of the season is defense, just because you know how aggressive Klay is and how good he is on defense. I don’t think you’re gonna get those reps in the offseason or practice on the defensive end. So I think that first month he’s gonna struggle a little bit on defense, but offensively he didn’t hurt his arm. Ain’t nothing wrong with his arm, so that boy’s gonna shoot.”

With McGee playing for the Phoenix Suns this year, he will certainly have a few matchups against Thompson. The two have a ton of love for each other, and it’s cool to see McGee offering up this kind of encouragement.

You can see Sharpe’s entire interview with McGee, down below.


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