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Jay-Z Has Hilarious Response When Asked If He Can Ride A Horse


Hov had jokes for reporters at the London Film Festival.

Jay-Z and flexes go hand-in-hand. Since his 1996 debut, Reasonable Doubt, the Brooklyn emcee has made it very clear that he has the best cars, the best clothes, the best real estate, the best wife, the best everything.

Even as Hov has approached and entered his early-50s, the greatest rapper of all time can still spin a web of intricate brags and financial flexes with the best of them. 

John Phillips/Getty Images

Recently venturing across the pond to the London Film Festival to support the release of The Harder They Fall, an all-Black Western film The Blueprint rapper co-produced, the perfect opportunity to flex was served up to Hov on a silver platter and he knocked it out of the park. 

After fielding questions about his upcoming film starring Idris Elba, Regina King and Zazie Beats, one reporter had a whimsical inquiry for the co-producer. 

The veteran rapper was asked, because of The Harder They Fall‘s cowboy-theme, if he could ride a horse and he came through with the perfect response.

“I can ride a Porsche,” Hov offered. “It got horsepower.” 

A simple one-liner, Jay’s subtle flexing of his luxury car is reminiscent of so many high-end car bars the rapper has spit over the last two-and-a-half decades. Like on 2013’s “Heaven” when he rapped “He’s 6’2″ how the f**k he fit in the new Bugatti,” Hov ensured everybody that he both owned the car in question and was more than capable of driving it. 

This appearance at the London Film Festival was not just for jokes, however. With Hov’s involvement with The Harder They Fall and the film’s soundtrack and Beyonce’s inclusion on the upcoming King Richard soundtrack, the celebrity couple is on the verge of becoming the first couple to compete for the same Academy Award. Both favorites for Best Original Song Oscar nominations, it might not be so funny when the two are pitted against each other on a very prestigious stage. 

Keep an eye out for The Harder They Fall and King Richard, as they are both set to release in the next couple of weeks, and let us know in the comments if Hov has a future in stand-up comedy. 



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