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Jayda Cheaves Leaves LL Cool J Hanging In Awkward Video


Jayda Cheaves turned her back on LL Cool J with swiftness.

Jayda Cheraves got a chance to meet with LL Cool J backstage at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, but it looks like she couldn’t wait for their interaction to be over with. Perhaps battling with some social anxiety, Jayda took a picture with LL before swiftly walking away as the legendary rapper held out his hand to shake. Because of how awkward the exchange was, the video was gone viral.

After they took their photo together, it looked as though Jayda could not wait an extra second before bouncing out of there because she didn’t even look at the rapper when she said, “Nice meeting you.” LL Cool J tried to shake the influencer’s hand, but she had already turned her back, so he clumsily tapped her ponytail instead. “Pleasure,” he replied.

Paras Griffin/2021 BET Hip Hop Awards/Getty Images

Fans are reacting to the video and laughing, joking that Jayda had no clue who she was taking a picture with. Others are predicting that LL woke up wishing he were still in his 20s. And many commenters are pointing out how Jayda acted like she was the more famous face, despite LL being around for literal decades.

The BET Hip-Hop Awards aired last night, and you can check out a list of all the winners here. While you’re at it, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best-dressed artists backstage at the event here.

Check out Jayda’s exchange with LL Cool J below.


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