COVID-19 has been ravaging the globe for over a year at this point, and despite best efforts to contain the virus, it is still easy to get it. In professional sports, athletes are always in close proximity with one another, which makes it easy for outbreaks to happen. Every once in a while, we hear stories of players getting a breakthrough case, and today, that happened to the Boston Celtics.

According to numerous reports, Jaylen Brown was diagnosed with COVID-19 after a test. The Celtics star will now have to miss time due to COVID-19 protocols, although he should be back in time for the start of the Celtics season.

Jaylen Brown

Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

As per Clutch Points, Brown is asymptomatic which means he does not have any side effects at this juncture. He is also at home in quarantine, where he will have to remain until he delivers a negative COVID test. This is a small roadblock for the Celtics, who are currently in the preseason, preparing for the NBA season. The Celtics had a disappointing year in 2021, and Brown will be a major part of their potential turnaround this season.

Hopefully, Brown recovers swiftly, as you never want to see someone come down with the virus.