Jazz Cartier Is Looking For Revenge On “The Fleur Print”


Jazz Cartier is back with The Fleur Print, his sophomore studio album and first full-length release in over three years. Supported by previously heard singles “Disclosure,” “Basement,” “Nothin 2 Me,” “Two Of ‘Em,” and “Rock The Boat,” The Fleur Print officially arrives today with guest features from KYLE, Cousin Stizz, Buddy, Kari Faux, and AzizTheShake.

The brief, yet potent record contains 10 tracks and clocks in at a runtime of roughly 28 minutes, making for a quick and digestible listen. The opening track, “Cuzzi’s Revenge,” sets the scene perfectly, as the Toronto rapper rips through an exhilarating trap beat and reminds listeners that he is still the undisputed prince of his city. 

As The Fleur Print progresses, Jacuzzi LaFleur treats fans to an impressive array of tracks that range from upbeat, melodic tracks like “Cheddar” to more aggressive and hard-hitting rap tracks like “Crazy but It’s True.” On the latter, he even boasts about his ability to make a name for himself in Toronto without the help of a certain Certified Lover Boy, rapping, “You can’t be lackin’, I can show you boys what happened/I’m the only one who didn’t need the boy to get it crackin’/Heard they got him, man what happened?

Give Jazz Cartier’s sophomore studio album, The Fleur Print, a quick listen below. Let us know in the comments how you’re feeling about his long-awaited follow-up to 2018’s Fleurever.


1. Cuzzi’s Revenge
2. Cheddar
3. Rock the Boat (feat. KYLE)
4. Nothin 2 Me (feat. Cousin Stizz)
5. Disclosure
6. Crazy but It’s True
7. Two of ‘Em (feat. Buddy)
8. Glamorous (feat. Kari Faux)
9. History (feat. AzizTheShake)
10. Basement


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