Fans have been worried about Jhonni Blaze after the Love & Hip Hop star posted a troubling message to social media five days ago, which many people read as a potential suicide note. The artist spoke about “how much pain” she endures before saying she’s “done” and that people will “laugh when [she’s dead].” 

Mega Meezy, 21 Savage’s manager, let his followers know that ever since Jhonni made the post, she had gone missing. Nobody had heard from the reality star in days, and some people started to panic about what was happening with her. As people continue to speculate on social media, blog site The Neighborhood Talk has seemingly received a tip that she’s doing just fine, and that there’s nothing to worry about.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

The blog updated their post about Jhonni being missing, saying, “it appears she is fine and is taking a mental break from everything at the moment.”

This promising update comes after some of Jhonni’s peers in the industry sent her prayers in the comments section of her troubling post. We will continue to keep you updated as more information is released. Please keep Jhonni in your thoughts as she reportedly takes a break from the madness on social media.