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Two of New York’s finest are teaming up to on the musical tip, as Harlem rep Jim Jones and Brooklyn’s own Maino join forces as Lobby Boyz, announcing the release of a new album set to drop later this year.

In celebration of their partnership, Jones and Maino have connected with Tracklib, the first-ever record store for sampling, for a competition in which aspiring producers can vie for the chance to earn a place on the album. Participants will be required to lift a sample from any song on Tracklib and flip it into a brand new instrumental. From there, Jones and Maino will pick the most impressive track out of the bunch and use it as a song on their forthcoming album.

As part of the grand prize, the winner will receive standard writing credits and publishing and have the opportunity to work directly with the Lobby Boyz in a virtual studio session.

“We’re going to pick the best (beats) out of the whole batch and (if you win), you’ll be on the project,” Maino said in a statement. “Capo’s going to be talking that talk, I’m going to be talking that talk, send the best beats you got.”

“We’re looking for that fire,” added Jones. “We’re looking for that one dope producer to be on the Lobby Boyz album. Send the best beats you got, if my email ain’t sizzlin (you’re out).”

Respected as flagbearers for NYC street rap, Maino and Jones have collaborated on several past occasions, appearing alongside each other on songs like Capo’s “Three Cuts,” “My Era,” and “Father Forgive Us,” as well as Maino’s 2019 release, “Thank You.” The duo have already reportedly recorded at least seven songs for the project and appear eager to get the finished product out to the masses.

Producers interested in entering the contest can go to Tracklib.com/LobbyBoyz for all rules and guidelines. Entry for the contest closes on Sunday, Oct. 10.


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