Jim Jones’ “Drip Report” Segment Debuts On FOX 5 NY’s Weather Report – VIBE.com


Jim Jones’ “Drip Report” segment, in which the rapper plays meteorologist and gives local and regional weather reports, has taken on a life of its own since it begun on the rapper’s social media in 2019.

Embraced by the Hip-Hop community, “Drip Report” has now made its way to the mainstream, with Jones bringing the segment to FOX 5, New York’s own weather report on Monday (March 28). Decked in a white long-sleeve shirt, green hat, and green sweats, while, of course, dripping in jewelry, Jones let viewers know what they should expect weather-wise this week, warning that temperatures could lean to the colder side despite Spring already having arrived.

“We’re looking like we’re in our fifth or sixth winter, it’s pretty chilly,” the Harlem native said at the beginning of the segment. “It’s supposed to be spring, spring is outta here.” He continued, adding, “New York City, you’re in the dubs. You’re in the twenties. When you’re in the twenties you gotta drop down and get your eagle on. Baby girl, cover that lace-front up because it might get a little bit chilly.” Jones, who also has ties to Miami, said that travelers looking for sunny skies in the southeast won’t be in luck either, as the weather down there is nearly as cold as it is in the north.

“Miami’s even in the sixties, and you know that’s supposed to be beach weather, so what are we doing here people? I don’t know who’s in charge, somebody tell me the rules out here.” Alas, when asked by his cohost what kind of weather NYC can expect this weekend, Jones forecasted that the tide should change for the better by then, making it a prime opportunity to showcase your finest threads and hottest looks as the temperature warms up. “The Weekend looks pretty clear, actually,” he acknowledged. “Spring is here, spring has sprung, bring out your new white Air Force 1s. Baby girl, you can get your spring hairdo done.”

Watch Jim Jones’ “Drip Report” segment on FOX 5 New York below.


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