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JJ Redick Schools Stephen A. Smith In Heated Suns Debate


JJ Redick continues to assert himself on “First Take.”

JJ Redick has transitioned out of the NBA and is now a media personality who is constantly showing off his large knowledge base. Fans are extremely impressed with what he has brought to the table as an analyst, and over the past couple of weeks, he has been making some pretty amazing appearances on First Take. For instance, just last week, Redick had Stephen A. Smith flustered while talking about LeBron James, and today, Redick found himself asserting his dominance, yet again.

During today’s segment, Smith was trying to make the claim that the Suns’ championship window is over, despite making it to the NBA Finals last year. The Suns are also on a 16-game winning streak, but Smith still thinks they’re done. This had Redick seeing red as he laid down the facts on Smith, which had the host flustered, yet again. 

Redick made not of how Devin Booker has the best clutch stats of any superstar in the league right now and that in a playoff series, the Suns could absolutely win against the Warriors.

Smith was not having any of it, although just like last week, the fans were taking Redick’s side, as they felt his side was argued in a much more factual way. Since the departure of Max Kellerman, First Take has grown stagnant, however, Redick seems to have made the show worth watching.

You can see what fans had to say about the ordeal, down below.


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