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Joe Budden Argues Chris Brown & Jamie Foxx May Be The Most Talented Men On The Planet


He also agrees that Brown is more talented than Michael Jackson.

There have long been conversations comparing Chris Brown to Michael Jackson, and a recent debate was launched once again after former NFL star Ryan Clark tweeted that Breezy held more talent than the late King of Pop. The legacy of Jackson is one that has been fiercely protected from one generation of fans to the next, so quickly, MJ fans swooped in to call foul.

Soon, Clark’s tweets went viral and he returned to double down, gaining support from other artists in the industry who agreed with his take. Joe Budden is someone who co-signs that sentiment and he recently spoke about it on his podcast.

“Chris Brown does like, thirty different things exceptionally well,” said Budden. “Chris Brown writes, produces…talent!” After rehashing that Clark was speaking to talent specifically, Budden agreed. “It’s just like one of those that you don’t want to read because it’s Mike and when you read that, you could think that you’re talking about music and nobody’s saying that.”

“But talent? F*ck yeah,” added Budden. “For a long time, I was saying Chris Brown might be the most talented man on the planet. Like, him and Jamie Foxx might be tied for me, I don’t know. I don’t know who else is in that talent-off.”

Listen to Budden speak on Brown and Jackson below.



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