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Joe Budden Believes Drill Will Only Be Around For Another 5 Or 6 Years


The podcast icon also made it clear that he doesn’t want people hitting him up about his take because “the writing is on the wall.”

It is currently one of the most popular subgenres of Rap culture right now, but there have been several people who have questioned the longevity of Drill music. There are some who just simply aren’t fans, but others are concerned with the authorities as they crack down on Drill artists by the masses, especially considering the ongoing news about artists being named in RICO cases as well as arrested for other alleged crimes.

Joe Budden touched on the plight of Drill music during his podcast and said that he believes the wave will have a short shelf life.

Joe Budden
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

“You Drill n*ggas got the shortest of windows. That sh*t ’bout over,” Budden said on episode 544 of his podcast. He then referenced New York City’s mayor recently caught dancing with French Montana. “Y’all can go keep dancing with Eric Adams if you want. It’s over, buddy. In the next five, six years…” One of his co-hosts interjected to add that it “might not be that long.”

Budden replied, “I know, but the writing is on the wall.” He added, “That’s government-issued writing. That’s not Joe… Don’t start hittin’ me, mad at me. I’m just telling you what I’m looking at.”

We will all have to wait and see if Budden’s predictions are accurate, but let us know if you think that Drill will be out of the game in just a few years. 


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