Gunna basically invented drip, but his style has been hit-or-miss as of late with fans. Most recently, the Atlanta-bred rapper appeared at New York Fashion Week in a designer outfit, but the way he put the pieces together wasn’t exactly a winner with his followers.

If you look up Gunna’s name on Twitter right now, you’ll find dozens of people going in on the rapper for his latest outfit, which people are not fans of. “Gunna can’t keep getting away with this,” said one popular hip-hop Twitter account. “This man Gunna got albums named after it but got NO drip,” said somebody else. “Once you realize Gunna‘s name is Sergio Giavanni Kitchens, his fits makes sense,” joked another fan.

The general public isn’t alone in absolutely hating Gunna’s outfit from New York Fashion Week. Even his peers, including Joe Budden, are trashing the 28-year-old for his style choices. Budden reposted the photo on his own page and wrote to his followers, advising them to never complain about his own style decisions in the future.

“I’m don’t wanna hear a word about my outfits ever again,” said Joe Budden.

Gunna originally posted the picture with a teaser for his upcoming mixtape, which is a continuation of the Drip Season series, but as it stands, fans are unsure about his level of drip. Do you think think Gunna is one of the best-dressed rappers, or could he use a stylist?