Joe Rogan Says He Reached Out To Nicki Minaj Following COVID Comments

Joe Rogan Says He Reached Out To Nicki Minaj Following COVID Comments

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Joe Rogan says he tried to invite Nicki Minaj on his show following her controversial COVID vaccine claims.

It’s been a little over a week since Nicki Minaj revealed her stance on COVID-19 and the vaccine on Twitter. It did not result in an understanding between herself and her wide fanbase. Though she did encourage others to take the vaccine, she made it clear she wasn’t about to lead by example. She explained that she will be getting a vaccine, though likely when she’s preparing to hit the road again. Unfortunately, her position on being vaccinated also came with a widely condemned (and provably false) claim that her cousin’s friend’s testicles were swollen after getting inoculated.

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Nicki has remained rather unapologetic about her stance, even going as far as retweeting Tucker Carlson’s comments defending her. Clearly, she isn’t entirely canceled since she did pop up at Lil Durk and Lil Baby’s show on Friday. However, it seems that her recent comments could make for an excellent episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast.

On the latest episode of Joe Rogan’s show, he was joined by Patrick Bet-David where they discussed the vaccine passport, as well as Nicki’s recent claims. While Rogan brought up Tucker Carlson, Bet-David pointed out that he, along with Nicki Minaj, would be excellent guests for the show. “Nicki Minaj, has she reached out at all or no?” Bet-David asked Rogan who apparently tried to have a conversation with her already.

“No, I’ve reached out to Nicki, though. I want to talk about her cousin’s testicles,” Rogan replied with a laugh. “I like her. I mean, obviously, she’s a very talented artist.”

No word on if Nicki Minaj has received the request to join Joe Rogan on his podcast but it would make for an entertaining episode.

Check out the full episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast below. Rogan talks Nicki Minaj around the 1:24:00 mark.

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