Ben Simmons wants out of Philadelphia but now, it seems like there is, indeed, some sort of reconciliation on the way. Simmons found himself in Philadelphia this past week, where he is now reporting to the team. It was believed that he would never return, but in the end, he decided to come back and at least try to work some things out. At this point, he still wants to be traded, but things are now a bit better than they were before.

Recently, Sixers reporter Kyle Neubeck wrote about the Simmons saga and how it has affected the team’s biggest star, Joel Embiid. In the piece, it was revealed that while Embiid has criticized Simmons, he still wants him on the team if that’s what gives the Sixers the best chance at winning a title.


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Per Neubeck:

“In spite of the distance between the two over the summer and the shade cast in both directions through public interviews and leaked reports, Embiid ultimately just wants to win, and has expressed a desire to get Simmons in the fold and working toward contending. If Simmons proves stubborn or uninterested in doing so, the team believes Embiid is onboard with not settling for a trade just to be done with the problem altogether.”

There are numerous teams who are out there trying to get Simmons on their roster, but for now, the Sixers don’t seem content with any of the trade packages that have been offered. With this in mind, stay tuned to HNHH for more updates from the NBA world.


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