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Joey Bada$$ Admits He Used Solar Eclipse As An Excuse To Quit Logic’s Tour


Joey Bada$$ says he never got injured from a solar eclipse, but used the story as an excuse to get off Logic’s Everybody Tour in 2017.

Joey Bada$$ has admitted that he ran with the narrative that he suffered eye damage from a solar eclipse back in 2017 in order to get off Logic’s Everybody Tour. The 1999 rapper discussed the incident on Twitter, Tuesday.

“Speaking of solar eclipses, you know I never got any type of eye damage from that solar eclipse shit that ‘happened,’” he wrote in the first of several tweets. “I just really wanted an excuse to be off the Logic tour. Blogs literally created a story and I went with it because it was convenient for me at the time.”

Joey Bada$$
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

He continued: “But it was also funny to see how gullible people are. It taught me a valuable lesson, whatever the media puts out in unison, people will simply believe. Even if the source isn’t validated. Scary world.”

All-in-all, Bada$$ says it was never about an issue with Logic and the two are still friends: “And logic is my n-gga btw. I ain’t with no logic slander. The tour just wasn’t serving me well at the time.”

While on the road with Logic, Bada$$ had tweeted about starring at a solar eclipse before dropping out of the tour the next day “due to unforeseen circumstances.” When people jumped at eye damage as the reason, he ran with it.

Bada$$ is expected to release his new album, 2000, on Friday.

Check out Bada$$’s tweets below.



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