Johannesburg EMS on high alert as cold front lands in Gauteng


Johannesburg Emergency Services are on high alert to respond to any incidents that might be reported as temperatures are set to plummet in Gauteng on Wednesday. 

Regional forecaster Gauteng Weather had warned of freezing temperatures as a result of the cold front and strong winds currently sweeping parts of the country. 


Johannesburg EMS spokesperson, Robert Mulaudzi said they are on high alert and are monitoring vulnerable areas such as informal settlements. 

“The City of Johannesburg has already lost three people since the beginning of winter, in informal settlement fires and this is a concern. 

“We would like to encourage our residents especially in informal settlements as they try to warm themselves to continue to look after the heating devices such as heaters, paraffin stoves and not to leave candles unattended so that we can be able to prevent these fires.” 

Robert Mulaudzi

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Mulaudzi also said the issue of illegal electricity connections is starting to become a problem as well and urged residents to report such. 

“They are not only dangerous to them only but surrounding residents as well because they also cause devastating fire incidents like the fire we have witnessed over the weekend,” Mulaudzi said.  

On Sunday, a fire broke out in an informal settlement near Kwa Mai Mai in Johannesburg. The fire claimed one person’s life and others were injured. Around 400 people were displaced as a result.


Johannesburg Emergency Management Services has advised residents to make use of the following tips:

  • Don’t leave young children unattended in a room with a lit Candle.
  • Store candles, matches and lighters away from the reach of children.
  • Use safe containers to store paraffin ie safety caps
  • Do not connect electricity illegally it’s dangerous to you, children and those around instead report illegal connections.
  • Do not leave a Heater unattended while in use it might cause fires at home

In case of an emergency, the Johannesburg EMS can be reached by dialing 112 or 011-375-5911.

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