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Jon Gruden Resigns From Raiders After Racist, Homophobic, Sexist Emails Surface


Responses to the announcement have been a mixed bag as people have pointed out the offenses of NFL players that have gone unpunished.

This controversy has shaken up the NFL, and now, the Las Vegas Raiders have made an announcement. Recently, leaked emails involving Raiders head coach Jon Gruden came to light and caused quite the stir. The New York Times investigated workplace misconduct among NFL officials and unexpectedly stumbled upon emails sent by Gruden that included racist, sexist, and homophobic language over the course of several years.

According to the New York Times, Gruden mocked women referees, gay players coming out, players kneeling as a form of protest, and more. Gruden reportedly called league commissioner Roger Goodell a “f*ggot” and a “clueless anti football p*ssy” who allegedly pressured the Rams to draft “queers.”

Jon Gruden
Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images

Additionally, Gruden and other officials allegedly traded photos of cheerleaders “wearing only bikini bottoms.” Separately, Gruden mocked DeMaurice Smith, the executive director of the NFL’s Players Association, with racist tropes about Black people’s appearances. In a statement made today (October 11), Gruden announced his resignation.

“I have resigned as Head Coach of the Las Vegas Raiders,” Gruden said in a statement. “I love the Raiders and do not want to be a distraction. Thank you to all the players, coaches, staff, and fans of Raider Nation. I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt anyone.” Some have not taken the announcement well and complained that the NFL allows its players’ serious indiscretions to go unpunished but old emails from Gruden have resulted in his dismissal.

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