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Jonathan Isaac Slams Reporter For Recent Vaccine Piece


Jonathan Isaac feels as though his views were misrepresented.

Jonathan Isaac has been outspoken in the past when it comes to his political views. While in the bubble in 2020, Isaac refused to kneel during the Black Lives Matter protests, and even cited his religion as the reason behind it. Many were taken aback by his position, although based on his Twitter follows, it was quite obvious what sort of slant he was coming from.

Now, it is being reported by Matt Sullivan of Rolling Stone that Isaac is refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine and it’s all because of his religion. In Sullivan’s report, Isaac was quite upfront about the vaccine and how he thinks that there is no reason why he should take it. This is obviously an unpopular position, however, he is adamant about sticking to his guns.

Jonathan Isaac

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In the aftermath of the report, Isaac is now lashing out at Sullivan, claiming that the reporter misrepresented his views. Isaac even went so far as to say the real journalism is on its way out and that he will not sit by and let himself be slandered.

“Misrepresentation only allows for others to attack straw men, and not reason with the true ideas and heart of their fellow man,” Isaac wrote. “It helps no one! True journalism is dying! I believe it is your God given right to decide if taking the vaccine is right for you! Period! More to follow.”

The vaccine remains one of the most dividing issues in American politics right now, and with the NBA season starting next month, the divide stands to get even worse.


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