Jordan Ward Delivers Smooth R&B Tracks On New EP “Remain Calm”


Jordan Ward has been steadily improving his craft over these past few years as he continues to break through the r&b scene. The genre is in a great place right now as numerous new artists continue to create new sounds that have the youth interested in the smooth love and heartbreak-obsessed genre. Ward’s music continues to stand out, and recently, he decided to come through for his fans with a five-track EP that is short yet very sweet.

If you’ve been listening to Ward lately, then you have probably heard the single Lil Baby Crush which came out a while ago. The song acts as the centerpiece of the EP, and it is the second track on the project. From there, we get some sweet r&b songs that touch on numerous different topics that would come with any interpersonal relationship. It’s a great little teaser, and you can check it out, below.


1. Standards
2. Lil Baby Crush
3. Couscous
4. Thrive
5. Steph


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