Jake Paul continues to look towards the MMA world for some boxing matches, and there are plenty of fighters out there who he would like to go up against. Back in April of this year, Jake got to take on Ben Askren, who got knocked out in the first round. To help promote the fight, he got Jorge Masvidal involved, who is a journeyman fighter who blew up in the UFC world thanks to his six-second knockout of Askren back in 2019. 

While Masvidal helped Paul train for that fight, it doesn’t appear as though they are on the greatest of terms. In a recent interview with MMAFighting.com, Masvidal essentially called Paul a liar and a troll who is making up numbers to get people to sign fight contracts. Masvidal says that Jake does not have $50 million lying around and that he simply uses that as a cheap ploy.

Jorge Masvidal

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“The UFC utterly does not give a flying f–k about what’s-his-face. So the problem is that I’m signed to the UFC, so I have to do what they say, and they pay me bigger checks,” Masvidal said. “This guy [Paul] talks a lot about, ‘I’m going to write you a $50 million check,’ but go look at the pay-per-views that he’s selling. He ain’t writing nobody $50 million checks. Go actually look at the f—–g numbers that they actually sold on Showtime or on Triller or whatever thing he’s talking about. He doesn’t have that money. He’s trolling the whole world saying all these big-money deals. Right now, where I’m at in my career, I’m going to fight the world’s best fighters.”

Masvidal is right about the pay-per-view numbers, as they never add up the way Paul says they do. Either way, Masvidal is clearly happy in the UFC, which means a transition to boxing is not going to happen anytime soon.

Jake Paul

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