After taking the stand and defending himself against accusations that he orchestrated an attack, Jussie Smollett’s defense team rested. It has reportedly been tense in the courtroom as Smollett has faced off against the Chicago Police Department regarding the January 2019 attack where he said he was assaulted during a hate crime.

The world rallied behind him but soon, news began to surface that authorities uncovered an alleged scheme between the actor and the Osundairo brothers who worked with Smollett briefly on Empire.

During the trial, both Osundairo brothers admitted to helping Smollett stage the attack and there were alleged text messages that substantiated their claims. However, Smollett would take to the stand and detail his alleged sexual encounter with Abel Osundairo at a bathhouse. He would also go on to say that the Osundairo brothers tried to extort him and said if he paid him $1 million each, they would not testify against him.

Smollett did admit to previously paying them $3,500 but as a fee for helping him with fitness training and nutrition consulting. This reportedly came after Empire creator Lee Daniels told Smollett he was getting fat. Smollett also vehemently denied that any “hoax” took place.

“As I have said for the past three years, I deny that. That never happened,” Smollett testified. “To answer all your questions about the hoax, I am going to deny. There was no hoax.”