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Justine Skye Continues To Fire Shots At Giveon On Twitter


The “Space and Time” singer keeps firing shots at Giveon following their alleged breakup.

Celebrity breakups generally go one of two ways. 

Either both parties both come out and say that it was mutual and that they wish the best for each other, or, it can get ugly. And in the case of Justine Skye and Giveon, it is getting ugly.

After Skye let off a handful of tweets a couple of nights ago, including, “I really hate the person I let myself become, but I know I want to be better and I cannot wait for that day,” and “People will break you down to the last bone and then ask why you can’t stand on your own,” and “Cheaters gonna cheat, Liars gonna lie, Users gonna use,” the 26-year-old hopped back on Twitter last night with one last message. 

“Trust me, ain’t no turnin back,” Skye tweeted. “Lame ass, broke ass, miss me with that. Period.” 

In what seems to be a final nail in the coffin in her relationship with the Chicago singer, Skye took a couple last digs at Giveon, calling him lame and broke. 

Giveon, who has yet to publicly comment on the obvious turmoil between he and Skye, is coming off a 2021 that saw the “Heartbreak Anniversary” singer land a Grammy nomination for his album Take Time, a smash radio hit with Justin Bieber and Daniel Caesar on “Peaches” and another feature on a Drake record, appearing on Drizzy’s “In The Bible” alongside Lil Durk. 

Whether or not the whirlwind that has been Giveon’s rise to stardom since first appearing on “Chicago Freestyle” in early 2020 is the reason for his and Skye’s breakup has yet to be confirmed, but one thing is clear — Justine Skye is completely done with him.

What do you think of Skye’s final shot at Giveon? Let us know in the comments.


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