K Camp Shares New Single “Stars Aligned Freestyle”


K Camp has been on one of the most impressive grinds in the past few years. Though he was once a promising star on a major label, it turned out that leaving his label situation was one of the best moves he’s made in his career. Fans have benefited from his output while K Camp has been moving at his own pace which is quite rapidly these days.

K Camp already blessed fans with tons of music this month including last month’s Float but he’s returned with even more vibes. This week, the rapper unleashed his latest offering, “Stars Aligned Freestyle” where he effortlessly glides over moody production, reflecting on his perseverance in the face of adversity.

Check the song out below.

Quotable Lyrics
But he turn up, he done broke all the scales
Deeper than the ocean, shit get bigger than a whale
Treat this shit like forest, I’m just waitin’ to exhale
Za in my lungs and Bo got za on the scale 


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