Ka-boom! Watch as five-storey building in Johannesburg IMPLODES


The Kaserne Building in Jeppestown, Johannesburg is no more – after a controlled implosion was carried out on Sunday morning. The structure has now been reduced to rubble, giving us some spectacular visuals in the process.

Kaserne Building in Johannesburg ‘implodes’

Kaserne came down just after 10:00 SAST on 15 May. The demolition went off without a hitch, and the event was overseen by representatives from the City of Johannesburg. After an elongated build-up, the main event was over within moments.

Strategically-placed explosives allowed for the building to collapse in on itself, once the button had been pressed. This ‘implosion’ guarantees the safety of all other structures in the area, containing the damage solely within Kaserne’s plot.

Watch: Kaserne Building disappears from city centre skyline

People gathered to watch this implosion from a safe distance, with some prime viewing spots on the M2 being occupied by those eager to get a glimpse of this rare event. Needless to say, onlookers certainly ended up getting what they came for!

City of Joburg ‘returning dignity’ to locals

The Kaserne Building has long been a source of concern for officials in Johannesburg. A number of fires reported here have claimed the lives of nine people, and it was eventually deemed a ‘dangerous structure’.

The city also plans on rejuvenating the area in Jeppestown, due to significant housing issues here. The Johannesburg Metro mayor, Mpho Phalatse, told the media on Sunday that this project would help improve the living conditions of people in the inner-city.

“We are not happy with the living conditions of people in this area, we want to give dignity back to them. We want to bring more people closer to work opportunities, and this is one of MANY developments we are taking on. There must be a renewed, vibrant inner-city.”

Mpho Phalatse


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