Kalan.FrFr Redefines The Meaning Of “Popstar” On His New Single


Kalan.FrFr carries a rare star quality that’s helped him carve a lane out for himself. The West Coast artist steadily leveled up in 2021 after gaining a significant buzz in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Many of his peers, like Blue Bucks Clan, have vouched for his potential to become the next big star to come out of L.A, and he proves their projections true with each release.

He’s been rather quiet over the course of 2022 but today, he issues a reminder for anyone whose been wondering about his whereabouts with “Popstar.” The song boasts production from Bank Roll Got It, Diego Ave, and Earl “EB” Johnson, and Kalan embrace everything that comes with the fame — the private shopping experiences, extensive jewelry collection, the fan pressure, and the women who enter his life with ulterior motives. And while he might be in a unique position, he does recognize the weight that his music carries for his fans. “Real n***as love it when I talk like this/ Bad bitches love it ’cause I talk my shit,” he raps on the single.

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Quotable Lyrics
She know I’m the realest n****a in it, I don’t need a Grammy
She wanna steal my kids, wanna steal a family
She wanna drive the Benz, wanna meet my Granny
Lil mama say she love me, I know she cappin’


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