Kanye West Admits He Doesn’t Know How Much Any Of His Clothes Cost In Viral Clip

Kanye West Admits He Doesn’t Know How Much Any Of His Clothes Cost In Viral Clip

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Kanye West admits he doesn’t know how much his outfit costs in a new viral clip.

Kanye West claims he has no idea how much his clothes cost in a new viral video taken from an interview with social media personality Chris Smoove. West admits that he doesn’t know the price of anything he’s wearing, excluding his watch, as Smoove runs down each piece of his outfit.

Whether it be his hat, sunglasses, hoodie, shoes, or Balenciaga bag, West answers with the same monotone “I don’t know.” For his watch, the billionaire admits it cost him $200,000.

Rapper IDK reacted to the clip on Twitter, joking that “Kanye West owes me money.”

Kanye West, IDK
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The interview appears to have been filmed during West’s recent trip to Connecticut’s Grace Farms. The site is described on its website as a “humanitarian and cultural center,” focused on “nature, arts, justice, community, and faith initiatives.”

The website adds that “We are committed to [addressing] humanitarian issues together, including modern slavery, environmental sustainability, food insecurity, and disconnected communities.”

West’s humanitarian-focused trip comes after the legendary rapper recently revealed that he is opening a private school in California. The school’s site bills itself as “Finding the intersection between faith and the innovation of the future, Donda Academy is focused on equipping students with an education that will last in the ever-changing world.”


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