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Kanye West Blesses Don Toliver With Massive NASA Jacket


Kanye West gifted Toliver with the perfect jacket after appearing on “Moon.”

Kanye West’s album DONDA had a plethora of phenomenal songs on it, including “Moon” which is an emotional track with Don Toliver and Kid Cudi. Toliver starts the song off with some high-pitched vocals that are directed to West’s mother, saying “Don’t leave so soon/how can I get through.” For many Ye stans, this song brought out the tears and the feels as Kanye finally got to process the loss of his mom on an album.

Ye and Toliver have plenty of other collaborations planned for the future, especially given Don’s ties to former Kanye disciple, Travis Scott. In just a week from now, Toliver will release his new project Life Of A Don, and to celebrate, Kanye is gifting the up-and-coming star with some new gear.

 Kanye West

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In the video below, you can see Toliver unpackaging a massive NASA jacket that looks like it was taken off of the back of an astronaut. It’s extremely large on Toliver’s body, although the artist looks over the moon about it, no pun intended. Considering the name of the song that Toliver got to collaborate on, this gift makes all of the sense in the world. When you take a look at Ye’s past, you quickly realize he is one of the more thoughtful gift-givers in all of hip-hop.

As for Toliver, he has a lot to be excited about as Life Of A Don could very well be the project that launches him to superstar status. Let us know how much you’re looking forward to the album, in the comments below.


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