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Kanye West Fans Start Petition To Send ProdByZaqq From IG To The Ukrainian Frontlines


“Ye da goat no cap.”

@prodbyzaqq’s 15 minutes of fame may be coming to an end. If you’ve been on Kanye West’s Instagram page over the last few weeks, it’s likely that you’ve seen the endless comments from the up-and-coming producer, who has been sticking up for the rapper amidst the endless drama of his ongoing divorce from Kim Kardashian in what looks like a desperate attempt to gain more followers.

Comments like “Ye da goat no cap,” “Ye>>>TMZ,” and “Like if you love Ye,” are among those that Zaqq likes to leave under the 44-year-old’s feed uploads. At the time of publication, the account has over 52K followers and has been previewing a new music video for a song named after their IG antics, “Da Goat No Cap.”

After some time of letting the account shamelessly show out in the comments, annoyed fans of West are taking action, and have officially launched a petition to “Send ProdByZaqq to the Ukrainian frontlines,” which has since been signed by over 6,000 people and counting.

“ProdByZaqq kinda annoying tbh,” the creator, who is using an account under the alias Bavid Basselhoff wrote. “I think it would be kinda funny, too.” In the comment section, one hater of the producer chimed in with, “The pure amount of energy he puts into sucking Kanye’s d*ck could be used to power Ukrainian ammunition.”

Image from change.org 

As tweets from the @KanyePodcast account point out, Zaqq has since gotten word of the growing petition against him and has turned his focus to pleading for help from West. “Ye I need [your] help they tryna send me to Ukraine,” some of his more recent replies to the “FML” rapper read.

Check back in with HNHH later for any other updates from Kanye West’s Instagram page.



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