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Kanye West Publicist Allegedly Pressured Election Worker To Confess To Voter Fraud


Trevian Kutti reportedly went to the worker’s home and told her she needed to be secured. Two days later, on Jan. 6, Trump supporters showed up.

As Kanye West is being applauded for bringing back his classics at the Free Larry Hoover concert, a woman reported to be a publicist for the rapper has been named in a peculiar controversy. This week, it was reported that Trevian Kutti appeared at 62-year-old election worker Ruby Freeman’s doorstep with outrageous allegations about fraudulent behavior. Freeman was one of several election workers in Georgia who reportedly signed up to help count absentee ballots, and Kutti alleged that she was in danger.

Freeman didn’t take Kutti at face value because she had already experienced harassment and threats from people from the far right, so instead, she called authorities and told Kutti to meet her at a police station. Kutti agreed.

That’s where video footage was reportedly collected thanks to an officer’s bodycam.

“We didn’t want to frighten you, but we had to find you in this time frame,” Kutti told Freeman, adding the election worker needed to be “put in placement a way to move you, a way to secure you, from what may be secured over the next 48 hours… We have probably have 48 hours in which to move you,” Kutti added. “We would do it on your schedule. I cannot say specifically what will take place. I just know that it will disrupt your freedom and the freedom of one or more of your family members.”

Business Insider reports:

Kutti then said she would call a communications consultant named Harrison Ford to talk specifics and asked the officer for privacy. After the officer recording the bodycam footage walked away, Freeman told Reuters that Kutti and the man pressured Freeman to confess to voter fraud. Freeman recalled Kutti saying, “If you don’t tell everything, you’re going to jail.”

On January 6, the day of the infamous insurrection on the capital, Freeman claimed that a group of protestors arrived at her home. Thankfully, she had already vacated the property after being notified by the FBI that she had been targeted by former President Donald Trump’s supporters. For her safety, she stayed in hiding for months by reportedly living in Airbnbs and “avoiding using credit cards that could pinpoint her location.”

Kutti reportedly also told Freeman that “crisis is my thing” and she was there trying to “tidy up” a “loose end.” It is unclear if there is an investigation into this interaction, as Kutti’s appearance being just two days before the January 6 insurrection has raised eyebrows.



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