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Kanye West Submits “DONDA” & “Hurricane” For GRAMMY Consideration


Kanye West has submitted “DONDA” for AOTY consideration at the GRAMMYs.

Kanye West Ye has a strained relationship with the GRAMMY Awards, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want more of their trophies to line his minimalistic homes across the world. The living legend angered fans and artists alike when he filmed a video of himself urinating on one of his GRAMMY Awards and posted it on Twitter, drawing the ire of Roddy Ricch, who spoke about how the gesture diminished the meaning of the award. With the cut-off date happening last month, Ye made sure to submit his music for GRAMMY consideration, laying out which categories he’s aiming for a victory in via a new press release.

Ye’s label Universal Records sent out a memo on Friday informing people of which categories Kanye is hoping to land in at next year’s GRAMMY ceremony, showing that he’s submitted songs/albums for the Album of the Year category (DONDA) and Record of the year category (“Hurricane” with Lil Baby and The Weeknd).

The press release also includes a quote from the New York Times about Ye, naming him “among the most influential pop stars of the 21st century.”

Do you think Kanye West will win any GRAMMY Awards for DONDA or “Hurricane?” Let us know what you think is Album of the Year so far.

Image provided by the label


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