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Kanye West Teases Bizarre Stemwear Line


Kanye is looking to turn the Stem player into some clothing.

Kanye West is hard at work promoting his brand new album DONDA 2. Unfortunately, most of his fans have not heard the album and the only way to do so is by purchasing his Stem Player which costs upwards of $200 USD. This is a purchase that some fans simply aren’t willing to do, as it is a bit pricey, especially considering there is no telling whether or not the album is truly finished.

Either way, Kanye is proud of what he has done with the Stem Player, and it seems clear that he will continue to push the technology for as long as he can. In fact, it seems as though Kanye is looking for a new utility for the player. A utility that fans probably wouldn’t expect.

Kanye West

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

While taking to Instagram today, Kanye posted a picture of a white top with a piece of electronics right in the middle. This circular piece was all lit up, and as it turns out, this could be some sort of variation of the Stem Player. Kanye is referring to this as “Stemwear” and he also claims that it will be coming soon.

It remains to be seen what Stemwear will consist of, however, as we all know, Kanye is always looking to innovate, and this should be no different. Stay tuned to HNHH as we continue to bring you updates on all of the latest Kanye projects.


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