Leading up to Kanye West’s second DONDA listening event, images started spreading across the internet of the acclaimed rapper wearing an all-black outfit and, most noticeably, a bulletproof vest with the word “DONDA” painted on it in big white letters. After the show concluded, Ye ended up gifting the exclusive 1-of-1 garment to a security guard, who ended up flipping the gift into a massive amount of cash. 

According to HipHopDX, consignment shop Justin Reed sold the vest — which features ballistic inserts, the word “DONDA” hand-painted by Kanye West himself, as well as the initials “MBD” (My Body Different) in Kanye’s handwriting — for $20,000 within hours.  

In an exclusive with GQ, Justin Reed reveals that he was originally going to sell the vest on behalf of the security guard for $10,000, but after sharing the above post on Instagram, he made the last-minute decision to double the price. That same evening, Kanye’s bulletproof DONDA vest sold for $20,000 to a collector in New York.

According to HipHopDX, this isn’t Justin Reed’s first foray into incredibly rare Hip-Hop and streetwear memorabilia, as the curator and consignment shop owner recently auctioned off Kanye’s previously owned robot face Goyard backpack for a whopping $55,000. 

Is there any Kanye West-related memorabilia that would you cash out on? And what rare outfit do you think Kanye is currently preparing for his third DONDA listening event in Chicago this Thursday?