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Katt Williams Elaborates On Why Kevin Hart “Verzuz” Doesn’t Make Sense For Him


Katt Williams expounds on previous comments about a “Verzuz” battle with Kevin Hart being akin to cheating.

Last week, Verzuz fans became enthralled by a rumor of a potential battle between renowned comedians Katt Williams and Kevin Hart. Williams, a self-proclaimed and widely recognized king of comedy, only stirred the pot more when he sat down with Baltimore 92.3 host Persia Nicole, saying:

It’s almost cheating for me,” Williams told Nicole about a battle. “I have over ten specials. I don’t have to pick but two jokes from each special and I’ve already deaded anyone whose last name isn’t Pryor anyway.”

Williams went on to claim that he was the originator of the Verzuz concept, stating, “I started Verzuz. The first Verzuz ever promoted was Steve Harvey versus Katt Williams. It was the underground Kings of Comedy Verzuz.”

He continued, “So, we don’t need to ask me if I would have any interest in things that I was the originator of. Comedically beefing is my lane.”

More recently, Williams joined the Ebro in the Morning crew, where he was asked about his ‘almost cheating’ Verzuz comments:

“I’m saying it’s unfair for comedians, not because I’m better…I’m saying it because I have commercially put out more opportunities than they have,” Williams clarified. 

Verzuz has to be a joke you already told, that they already know, and for the guy that has 10 specials, that’s not fair,” he continued. “For the guy with 50 movies, is that fair that the guy can do six clips from movies and two jokes from each of his top 5 specials?”

Williams went on to say that he is “honored” to be mentioned, even hypothetically for the comedic battle. Though he finished by saying he’s essentially “the worst fit for” the Verzuz format, putting some of the clamorings to bed, at least for now.  



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