Keedron Bryant Shoots His Shot On “Hello”


Keedron Bryant is a young and talented singer who first got noticed with his track “I Just Wanna Live” which was a response to the killing of George Floyd. Bryant was praised for the song and he was seen singing the national anthem at various sporting events shortly after. Since that time, he has been coming through with a steady stream of new tracks, and recently, he decided to switch up his sound and tackle some of the topics that an adolescent would be thinking of. 

With his new single “Hello,” Bryant can be heart shooting his shot with a young woman he seemingly just met. Bryant is enamored with the woman and he wants his presence to be known. Throughout the song, he offers up some powerful and soulful vocals that will surely impress. The instrumental is quite lavish, and overall, it’s a great effort that showcases just how much talent Bryant has.

Quotable Lyrics:

I ain’t tryna slow you down (Hold up, hold up, wait)
Baby, can you turn around? (Hold up, hold up, wait, hey, uh)
Wanna know your name (Hold up, hold up, wait)
Tryna take you on a date (Hold up, hold up, wait)


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