Kelly Price Is Reportedly Safe And Not Missing, But People Want To See –

Renowned R&B and gospel singer Kelly Price was reported as missing in Georgia after being hospitalized and treated for COVID-19.

On Friday (Sept. 24), TMZ reported that Price was listed as a missing person with the National Crime Information Center after her family had a welfare check conducted at her home last Saturday (Sept. 18). But according to The Jasmine Brand, the singer’s attorney, Monica Ewing “says that she is continuing to recover from COVID at an undisclosed location.”

The actress’s family reportedly told TMZ that she was hospitalized a week after the video was posted and was later moved to the ICU as her health worsened. They told the outlet she was in communication with them in early August and Price’s children visited her several times. Yet, weeks later, they received a call that she’d been discharged, despite her reportedly not being fully recovered.

Local authorities have allegedly spoken with the Soul of a Woman singer’s boyfriend who allegedly prevented Price’s family and friends from visiting her home, thus prompting a wellness check from authorities.

A spokesperson for the singer told Fox 5 Atlanta that they “would not go into any further details about her [missing persons] case” which was reported as an active investigation. However, according to the Cobbs County Sheriff’s Office, it is not labeled as so.

“We have received multiple inquiries about the missing person case of Kelly Price,” read the tweet from the official Twitter account. “The Cobb County Sheriff’s Office does not have an active investigation.”

Previously, Bossip reported that Price is safe at home after speaking with “a close relative [that’s] had recent contact with the songstress.”

On the audio-based social media platform, Clubhouse, the singer’s alleged road manager until the pandemic reached out to Price this past Wednesday (Sept. 22) because she hadn’t heard from her. She also reached out to Price and Price’s boyfriend directly. No further details were provided.

Shon Gables of CBS 46 Atlanta tweeted that the local news station allegedly spoke with Kelly Price’s daughter “who says she is fine” after having COVID and being hospitalized.

Although reports have surfaced about Price’s safety, many fans, friends, and followers of the troublesome news are seeking visible confirmation from the singer about her well-being in the form of video on social media.

Price’s most recent post on social media is an Instagram video from where she revealed she tested positive for COVID-19. The 3-minute video was posted on July 29. Its caption reads, “I found out today I have COVID. I am COVID Positive. I’m following [doctor’s] orders. I’m quarantined. Feeling really drained. Splitting headache but I’m not in the hospital. I’m grateful and expecting to have a quick recovery. #GodIsAHealer”

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