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Kevin Durant Marvels Over Lil Durk’s Basketball Skills


Lil Durk has quite the impressive jump shot.

Kevin Durant is one of if not the best player in the entire NBA. Having said that, he knows exactly what it takes to be good at ball, and he can sniff talent out when it presents itself. KD has played with some incredible players throughout his career, and it should come as no surprise that he is always showing love to those who deserve it.

When it comes to the hip-hop world, there are various rappers who have shown that they are quite good at sports. One such artist is Lil Durk, who is a menace on the court. His jump shot always seems to go in and whenever his skills are showcased on social media, they tend to go viral.

Lil Durk

Thomas Concordia/Getty Images for PrettyLittleThing

This is exactly what happened as a video of Lil Durk shooting threes made its way to Instagram. This elected a response from KD, who immediately showed love to the artist saying “He really got some shit wit him.” Needless to say, KD understands full well that Durk is an elite shooter who could give the best of them a run for their money.

As for the rest of Durk’s game, well, so far, he hasn’t been able to show us that. Perhaps some 1v1s against Drake could be in his future. That would certainly be very fun to watch.


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