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Kevin Hart’s Netflix Series “True Story” Gets Release Date


Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes are set to star in “True Story,” a limited Netflix series coming in November.

When people think of Kevin Hart they think of comedy. From his stand-up to his movies to his ice bath interview show, Hart’s focus has been on comedy. 

That will change in a couple of months. 

Netflix has announced that True Story a drama featuring both Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes is set to debut on the streaming service on Wednesday, November 24. 

In Hart’s dramatic series debut, True Story will follow Hart, playing a familiar role as a famous comedian Kid, on a tour stop in his hometown of Philadelphia. Linking up with his older brother, played by Wesley Snipes, things take a turn when the situation becomes a matter of life and death  “when the consequences of a lost evening with his wayward older brother (Snipes) threaten to destroy everything he’s built.” 

A change in pace for Hart, the actor is excited about shifting gears a little and getting into the dramatic side of things. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hart said True Story was “an opportunity for me to step outside of my norm and partake in a genre of this craft that I never imagined that I would get to.” 

“This is about me finding new excitement in my craft, in my talent, and putting it on display,” he added. “My road to this type of role has been a long one, and I wanted to make sure that it was something that I could do and have my fan base really believe in.” 

Hart isn’t a total stranger to drama, acting in The Upside and Fatherhood but there have not been many instances in which we get to see Hart take on a serious role. According to Netflix and Hart himself, True Story will be just that.

Are you going to check out True Story when it drops on Netflix in a couple of months? Let us know in the comments and in the meantime, take a look at a couple still shots from the upcoming show. 

Image via Netflix 

Image via Netflix

Image via Netflix
Image via Netflix



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