Key Glock Drops “Toolie” Ahead Of “Yellow Tape 2” Release


After kicking off the rollout for the highly-anticipated Yellow Tape 2 with singles “Ambition For Cash” and “Da Truth,” Key Glock is back with a third-and-final track from his follow up to 2020’s Yellow Tape

On “Toolie,” the Memphis rapper lets it be known that he’s always ready for action. 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

“Before I brush my teeth I grab my muthaf*ckin toolie,” Glock raps. “I be getting money, money be what I’m pursuing.” 

Like “Ambition For Cash” and “Da Truth,” “Toolie” is an anthem. Rapping over reversed piano rolls and syncopated handclaps, Glock delivers the message that actions speak much louder than words.

Everything Key Glock does is either for the money, or for something that will lead him the money later down the line, and with visuals following him from the time he wakes up in a hotel room to the time he hops in the Maybach truck and gets to work, there’s no mistaking what the Yellow Tape rapper is all about.

Like Young Dolph before him, Key Glock makes music for those willing to make a living by any means necessary and “Toolie” is another example of just that. 

Quotable Lyrics
My double R truck sticked up just like a tank
These n****s wanna be like Glock but no they can’t
Said you gon’ do what, boy? No you ain’t
You must be getting too high the f*ck you think?


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