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Key Glock Honors Young Dolph With Extravagant Blue Diamond Chain


Key Glock’s latest chain was made with Young Dolph in mind.

Young Dolph’s tragic passing had a major impact on those that knew him the best. It was especially tough on young artist Key Glock, who just so happens to be Dolph’s cousin. Key Glock has known Dolph all his life, and he is even signed to the legend’s Paper Route Empire label which was helping give young artists a voice in an industry that can be extremely difficult to navigate in.

Since Dolph’s death, Key Glock has been looking for ways to honor his late cousin, and today, he took to Twitter with a video that showcases the rapper’s brand new chain. As you can see, there is a Jesus pendant attached to the end of it, although what sets this apart are the blue diamonds placed all the way throughout.

“I went and got some blue diamonds to let em know you still around,” he wrote in the caption. Of course, this isn’t the only thing Key Glock has done to remember his cousin. In fact, the artist got himself a photorealistic tattoo of Dolph back in November, and as you can see in the image below, it does a fantastic job of portraying the late rapper.

Young Dolph

Image via Key Glock

Based on these actions, it is clear that Dolph’s legacy is one that will live on forever. There were so many people around him that cared for him, and Key Glock is a shining example of that.

In the future, it will be fun to watch the growth of Paper Route Empire as those involved with it look to make Dolph proud.


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