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Keyshia Cole Recounts The Craziest Thing She Did In A Relationship


In a promo bit for BET’s “Games People Play,” the singer shared the lengths she went to find out if her “first love” was cheating. Spolier alert: he was.

The second season of Games People Play premiered on Tuesday (October 19) evening and to help hype the series, BET asked a few celebrities about what they value in relationships. The hit series stars Lauren London, Kendall Kyndall, Karrueche Tran, Jackie Long, and Parker McKenna Posey, and in a promo video, BET questioned Keyshia Cole about the craziest thing she’s ever done in a relationship.

“I’ve literally never shared this with anybody, so this is the first time,” she said with a laugh.

“But, climb up on someone’s roof, from the car, to the window, to the room window to see if he was in there with another girl,” she continued. “And he actually was and this was my first love and of course I left. I had to see what was going on. The games people play.” She also revealed what she believes is more important in a relationship: love or loyalty? “I would have  to say loyalty ’cause that thang hits different when you know it’s yours, literally.”

After this clip went viral, some people rehashed the singer’s 2014 arrest where she stood accused of attacking a woman at Birdman’s home. Reports at the time stated that Cole and Birdman were dating but she allegedly caught him with another woman named Sabrina Mercadel. Sabrina would later sue Cole and was reportedly awarded a default judgment of $100K.

Watch Keyshia Cole share her story below.



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