Kid Cudi is no stranger to letting his feminine side shine. Earlier this year the “Mr. Rager” singer made an appearance on SNL, during which he made a tribute to the late Kurt Cobain wearing an Off White dress.

Now that New York Fashion Week has arrived, Cudi is back to taking fashion risks (and pulling them off). The 37-year-old was seen wearing a floor-length black skirt under a long sleeve Nirvana shirt while attending a show.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Arguably the best part of his look is his electric blue hair, which just so happens to match that of NBA player Russell Westbrook, who also wore a skirt to NYFW.

According to TMZ, Westbrook is generally considered to be a “man’s man,” so him stepping out in such a feminine piece is a pretty bold move. 

The 32-year-old posted a collection of photos to his Instagram page showing off his carefully curated outfit, a cream coloured cardigan paired with a striking kilt, a chain, and some black boots. The outfit, designed by none other than Thom Browne, has certainly been making waves online.

Westbrook captioned his photo dump with a cool and casual “Family Ties” Kendrick Lamar reference, writing, “Don’t address me unless it’s with four letters.”

Of course some people weren’t into the idea of men embracing their femininity, but the NBA star has been receiving plenty of love from friends in the comments.

“The real influence,” Deandre Hopkins wrote. “You in Scotland,” Waka Flocka Flame joked.

View Westbrook’s NYFW drip below and tell us what you think.