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Kim Kardashian Declared Legally Single In Kanye West Divorce Case


Kim Kardashian’s request to be declared legally single has been approved one year after she initially filed paperwork.

Kim Kardashian has officially won in her divorce battle against Kanye West, officially being declared legally single as their marriage has come to an end. On Wednesday (March 2), a judge sided with the reality star and granted her request to divorce from West. As a result, she will also be changing her name back to Kim Kardashian, removing “West” as her surname.

Of course, this is nowhere near the end of their divorce battle. West’s attorneys reportedly sought three preconditions before this ruling. One of which was granted on Wednesday, pertaining to what would happen if one of them were to die unexpectedly before the divorce is finalized. The two others were denied, including one about what would happen if Kardashian quickly remarries.

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This decision comes over one year following initial reports that the couple had filed for divorce. It also arrives at a time when both parties are all over the headlines. Ye has been attracting worldwide attention because of his current relationship with Chaney Jones, a model that fans think looks exactly like Kim, as well as his new album, Donda 2. Kim continues to spend time with her boyfriend Pete Davidson, but the two have not publicly spoken about marriage yet.

We will continue to keep you updated as more information comes in. They are both expected back in court in the coming weeks to finalize the divorce.

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