Kiraa TV intends to go on cable channel in 5years, CEO

What is your name?

Franklin Oluwasegun Currie

Why inspires Kiraa TV?

Well I have got a whole lot of stories from my childhood which I have not been opportune to share. So I needed a platform to be able to tell a good story in my own way, hence Kiraa TV was created.

How do you come about the name Kiraa TV? 

The name Kiraa TV was coined by a family friend. He is a staunch fan on Lagbaja and he claimed he got from when Lagbaja will say Kira.

When did you start the Television?

The YouTube started around 2019

Where are you located and why?

We are located at Ijebu ososa. We are selective enough to choose our base at a place where theatre in Nigeria was professionally birthed. Chief Hulbert Ogunde, a pioneer of the National troupe of Nigeria hailed from Ososa-Ijebu and built the popular Ogunde Museum in the town as well. We have chosen this environment in order to align ourselves with the originality that makes our brand unique.

What has been the challenges since you started?

Challenges are numerous. But one of our major challenges is finding the right people to the job. Lack of human capital has and will always be a challenge in this part of the world in our industry.

Any movie to your name, if yes how many?

Yes, we have successful recorded 9 movies and a series titled Kaatachi.

How is the company’s relationship with other famous actors like?

Yes we do have a very good and cordial relationship with famous actors and actresses

What project are you working on now?

Kaatachi is a comical series which is inspired by a true story. It is a story of a young Ghanaian returnee who believes he is exposed, learned, and make everyone believes he knows it all. He thought he understand how to live life flamboyantly.

He had an issue with his family concerning his marital life which later ended up to be his doom and his level of thinking was measured by those he looked down on. We are working on additional 13 episodes on Kaatachi presently. We casted 12 actors on it and it is going to be aired on Kiraa TV and DSTV soonest.

Where do you see the company in 5years? In the next 5yrs we intend to have our own cable channel on DSTV.

Do you plan on having any ambassadorial deal with any of them? Not at present but time will tell

Advise to budding online TV and actors? They should be focused and stay true to the vision of their craft irrespective of the challenges and pressures.  

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