After suffering an ACL tear in 2019 and a ruptured Achilles in 2020, Klay Thompson will finally be back on the court this season. After missing two straight campaigns, the Warriors could really use Thompson back in the lineup, especially given the fact that the Warriors have missed the playoffs in the two years where he was absent.

There is a fear that Thompson won’t be playing at the same level he used to be capable of, although Thompson is optimistic he can get back there. While speaking to SiriusXM Radio, Thompson admitted that he still has some work to do although his ultimate goal is to get back to where he was back in 2019, when he was lighting it up in the NBA Finals against the Raptors.

Klay Thompson

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

“But I was playing the best basketball of my life in 2019 when I get hurt,” Thompson explained. “I expect to get back there. Not right away just because that was a hundred games worth of work and incredible shape. But when I step back on the floor I’m gonna be a very effective player. Maybe not what I was doing shooting the ball like I was, but I will still be really good. And I will just keep going up – and I really believe that.”

Thompson went on to say the team’s ultimate goal this year is to win the title, which is certainly an ambitious thing to strive for considering the team has changed quite a bit since their dynastic run just a few years ago. Either way, Warriors fans have a lot to be excited about this season.