Kodak Black “Can Cheat No Problem,” Won’t’ Stand For His GF Doing The Same

Kodak Black “Can Cheat No Problem,” Won’t’ Stand For His GF Doing The Same

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The rapper laid down a rule for what he will and won’t allow in his relationship.

Obviously, standards for what is allowed in relationships differ from one person to the next. Some people are monogamous, others polyamorous; some prefer to see their partners every day, others would like a bit of distance and less contact; some believe cheating cannot be forgiven, while others judge infidelity based on the circumstances. Kodak Black decided to share his thoughts on what he will and won’t put up with in a relationship, and the reactions from fans have been interesting to see.

Kodak has often taken to social media to share his unsolicited thoughts on just about any and everything, and early this morning (October 22), he chimed in about his rules for cheating.

Kodak Black
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“I Can Cheat No Problem , But I Can’t Take Dat Sh*t Boy [weary face emoji][crying laughing emoji],” the rapper tweeted. “I Am Not Finna Let No B*tch Cheat On Me[X cross-armed emoji] Lol Ima Have Yo Ass Go Take a Lie Detector Test So Dam Fast [sideways crying laughing emoji][smoke blowing out of the nose emoji].”

There were those that responded with co-signs, including women. Of course, Kodak was also met with accusations of holding onto a double standard, but it was argued that he is allowed to navigate his relationships as he sees fit. Weigh in with your thoughts after checking out the rapper’s tweets, along with a few reactions, below.

Kodak Black

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