Kojey Radical & Lex Amor Deliver Funky New Single “War Outside”


From hits like “Cashmere Tears” to his collaborations with Mahalia, Kojey Radical’s sound has proven to be just as versatile as it is infectious. This year, he’s largely shared his talents on other artists records but it seems like he could be in full-blown album mode. The artist slid through with the release of his double-whammy, “2FS” and “Woohaa” in June while remaining largely under the radar throughout the summer. 

This week, he came through at the 11th hour with the release of a song that could’ve certainly fit the summer vibes. He teams up with Lex Amor for their ultra-funky new collaboration, “War Outside.” The song kicks off with an infectious whistle that leads into a groovy synth line while Kojey Radical and Lex Amor stretch their vocals into a bluesy territory.

Check the record out below.

Quotable Lyrics
Damned if I do, canceled if I don’t
Either way I’m wrong, I’m just trying to get this weight off me
Didn’t have a heart so I took a course
Sippin’ holy water while I listen to hypocrisy


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