Kota the Friend Shares Thanksgiving Anthem, “Grateful”


In case you’ve forgotten, Kota the Friend has dropped off a new single reminding you to be “Grateful.” The 29-year-old’s latest release was accompanied by a music video showcasing some of the parts of his life that he’s most thankful for.

He sets the scene in the first verse, rapping, “Out in Colorado, hit the lotto (One take) / Got a cabin in the middle of the mountains / Shit, I feel like I’m the mayor now / Used to sip on bottle after bottle / I was drowning (Woo), get the goggles (Let’s go, come on) / Now I’m rooted in the present, what you sayin’ now?”

As the track continues, Kota tells listeners that nothing can break his spirit, and that he’ll continue to be great regardless if the cards he’s handed are filled with hate or love. The New Yorker also made an effort to make his lyrics inclusive to everyone, singing, “Thank you, Jesus, Buddha, Jah, or Allah / Please insert whatever you believe in / Celebratin’ this abundant season,” on the chorus.

The new single follows his March album, To Kill A Sunrise, as well as songs like “Face It,” “Show You,” “Scapegoat,” “Needs,” and “‘96 Bulls.” Check it out below and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:


I’ma be great when you showin’ me love
I’ma be great when you throwin’ me hate
I’ma be great even when I am done
You got another thing coming if you think I’ma break


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