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Kyle Dion Releases “Parmesan” Video Ahead Of New Album – VIBE.com

Kyle Dion is gearing up for the release of his sophomore album, SASSY, and is back with his newest single, “Parmesan.”

The 27-year-old crooner exclusively told VIBE that this single has actually been with him since 2019 and was the first song created for his upcoming LP. “It’s just fun. It’s exciting and it’s a good time, man. You can definitely hear that in the lyrics,” he explained.

A fun fact he also shared was that “Parmesan” is one of his first times experimenting with his vocals—switching from his classic falsetto into a comical rap.

When discussing the visual, he chuckled and expressed, “I just feel like people need to laugh and not take themselves so seriously and that’s exactly what I did here.” Dion continued, “It’s ambitious, energetic, and fun. Everything that encapsulates the album, SASSY. I wanted to do something that was wacky and out of this world because that’s what I channeled on my new album, so I wanted to represent that visually. We’ve got the guillotine scene that features my good friend and artist Tkay Maizda, the tower of spaghetti, and the eating coochie scenes… I just think it’s really fun and light-hearted, and I’m excited to finally share this one with the world.”

Caricature of Kyle Dion, cover art for album, 'SASSY'

Cover art for the singer’s upcoming album, ‘SASSY.’
Courtesy of Kyle Dion

When speaking on the concept, the SUGA singer explained it was a true creative collaborative effort. “The Reggies and I worked together to create the concept for my new video ‘Parmesan’ and I was happy that they were just as excited about some of my outrageous ideas,” he shared.

SASSY is slated for release on Sept. 17.

Check out Kyle Dion’s wild new visual for “Parmesan” above.

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