Kyle Kuzma’s Tweet About NBA Player Bars Leads To Hilarious Compilation

Kyle Kuzma’s Tweet About NBA Player Bars Leads To Hilarious Compilation

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Some rappers have no chill when they diss NBA players in their songs.

Kyle Kuzma went a bit viral with a tweet just a few days ago in which he lamented about how rappers are constantly violating NBA players in their songs. Referencing athletes is a trope as old as time when it comes to hip-hop music and in recent times, it has only gotten more prevalent, especially as the NBA continues its ascent as the cultural zeitgeist. As you can see from the tweet below, however, Kuzma isn’t always amused.

“The amount of shade rappers throw at nba players in their music is sickening lol,” he wrote. 

This led to quite a few bars in his mentions which depict some NBA players in a bad light. From there, one user by the name of @nizzzit posted a 34-second video which was a compilation of some of the vilest bars that have been directed at NBA talent. Some of these were truly disrespectful, however, you couldn’t help but laugh at a good chunk of them.

Pop Smoke saying “break legs like Paul George” was an especially unfortunate reference given the fact George turned his ankle into a 90-degree angle during Team USA training camp a few years ago. SahBabii also had smoke for Ben Simmons saying “he scared to shoot like Ben Simmons, we just checked his stats.” Perhaps the most viral of these bars came from Sada Baby who said “he’s got muscles for no reason, Eric Bledsoe.”

All of these bars are disrespectful in their own unique ways, and with the compilation going viral, other fans decided to join in by sharing their own favorite bars. You can take a look at those, down below.

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